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I was born in St. Petersburg, into an artistic family. My mother was a dancer and choreographer at the Mariinsky Theater and the rest of my family were also involved with the creative and artistic fields. That’s probably why, since the early age, my interests has been awakened to this kind of jobs. I’ve been working successfully for different Theaters and ARRI Rental Germany. My goal in life could be simplified with a quote: “When an artist creates his image, he always conquers his own thinking. Nothing could be compared to an emotionally perceived image of the world, which becomes a revelation for him. Because the idea is short- lived, but the image is absolute. The art works primarily on the soul of man and forms his mental structure.” The openness to the new ideas, the ability to learn, to work in a team, to capture the style and to show professionalism - it is not only my strength, but my way of life.

It’s wonderful to be famous as long as you remain unknown.

Andrei Tarkovsky

The mental life of man is very puzzling. How often do we look with enchanted eyes for something of which we anchored known for a long time and in our consciousness. We often do not notice what faces us and leading us to move to learn something about the other side of the reflective object. We are sometimes very slow and it is di cult for us, the focus on a different combination of strokes to abide, they are complementary to other existing image. Where a person has seen the property of the world through different eyes, the person of so-called “artists” is based around their self-created world, often not taken seriously.
Have we fulfilled our environment really paying attention? A world of mystery and wonder that we do not notice in our restless life. I often note that something quite ordinary and boring and uninteresting to appear suddenly out to be something special. An image that is just waiting to be found in our «dusty closet of life» In my work I want to show this new world, a world as I see and feel. The mysterious image in the cinema and photography has great potential and can be interpreted in diverse ways. I’ve thought a lot about this profession and have come to the conclusion that this will be my career path. I hope to make this world a little better.
In Japan there is a saying: “A perfect flower is very rare. You can search your whole life long for such a flower, and this life will not be in vain. Life is in every sigh, every object, in every part of the world around us. Art is to feel, to feel and to describe the feeling and the beauty of the created world. That’s the goal I want to achieve. Despite the constantly changing world around us - beauty is always there, whether we perceive it or not. If only the mind moves us and the heart remains indifferent - how can true beauty be born?.


I was working as a professional Director of Photography for the past 5 years on a wide-range of productions in both film and television. Knowing and understanding the importance of great lighting, proper framing, and smooth camera movement, Invaluable on-set resource. As a drone pilot, I’ve done it all – taking off from small to big boats, flat to rocky ground, ice to sand


When really close work is needed, or when working in very small spaces, i can quickly switch to the ‘hand-held’ mode, allowing smooth Steadicam-like shots. But it doesn’t stop there. Let Your Imagination go wild and envision intricate hand-off shots in order to construct scenes like never before

Depicted Time FLY SAFELY

Video equipment is expensive, and lives are irreplaceable. At Depicted Time safety is taken very seriously

Depicted Time The Technology

The drone is designed and built specifically for high-end professional aerial video production services. Using an array of sensors including GPS, barometric, and 3-axis gyros, Inspire 1aerial platform is further stabilized using an advanced computerized flight algorithm to make sure your shots come out smooth and sharp. With the ability to hold position and/or altitude at any point in the sky, you’ll be sure to capture the action from the precise angle you imagined